Learn all about Omnis Studio 10 with our brand new Webinar

New Omnis Studio10 Webinar

We are delighted to announce that in January 2019 we are launching a brand new series of webinars – this is to coincide with the release of Omnis Studio 10 in early 2019, the latest (and greatest!) version of our flagship application development platform.

In the new “Highlights of Omnis Studio 10” webinar we will show the exciting new features and enhancements in Studio 10, such as the new method editor, remote debugging, new JavaScript Client components, accessibility (features to make apps accessible), remote objects for re-usable code on client side, major enhancements to the Omnis Worker Objects (JavaScript node.js, POP3, CRYPTO, HASH, SFTP), Omnis datafile migration for converting native Omnis data files to SQL and more. We are also delighted that Andreas Pfeiffer, Senior consultant, experienced Omnis developer & trainer with Omnis Software Germany, will host the new Studio 10 webinar – and he will be supported by members of our fantastic tech support team in Hamburg.

The new Studio 10 webinar is added to the existing series which will all be updated for the new Studio 10 release – all the webinars in 2019 will feature Studio 10, including the new Method Editor, and all the web & mobile app development enhancements in Omnis Studio 10. The webinar series includes:

  • A system whose time has come – Learn about the highlights of Omnis Studio 10 – explore the new Method editor, etc with the technical experts!
  • Introduction to Omnis Studio – a general intro to the Omnis IDE for people evaluating Omnis, and existing developers on older versions.
  • Developing Mobile Applications with Omnis JavaScript Client, which can run on virtually any mobile device.
  • Developing Web Applications with Omnis JavaScript Client for desktops and tablets.
  • Developing Standalone Mobile Applications – see how to create Android and iOS apps from one set of code.

The webinars are presented in English and German language by our team in Hamburg, while our distributor Software Products Italia will present the webinars in Italian and Spanish language.

More information and Register

For more information about all the Webinars, and to register, please go to our website:



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