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The majority of Omnis web or mobile apps are run in the web browser on the client device, either on a desktop computer, tablet or phone, and are accessed via a standard URL. However for some mobile apps, you may want to wrap your application into one of the Application Wrappers, available for Android, iOS, and Windows, which provides the end user with a single, clickable icon to launch the app on their phone or tablet. When your app is running inside a wrapper, the app can stay permanently connected, communicating with the Omnis Server and backend database as required, or the app can work off-line periodically, and when re-connected can synchronize the data and any application content.

However, it is also possible to run an app inside a wrapper entirely off-line, which is usually referred to as “Serverless Client” mode, meaning that the app stores the data in a local SQLite database on the device, and there is never a connection to the Omnis Server or a remote database. This option may be appropriate for certain types of specialized app aimed at individual users, where the data is never shared or added to a central database.

Serverless Client example app – OmniSnap

We have created an example mobile app to demonstrate how you can run an app off-line in Serverless mode inside the wrapper. The concept behind the example app is to record items in ‘nature’ (plants, animals, etc) in the field – the app allows you to take a photo of the item (using the Device component to access the camera or camera roll), and enter some basic info about the item. The app also records the location of the mobile device, and therefore the location of the item found, using the GPS function on the device (again using the Device component).

You can download the example library and other files from our GitHub repo (you will need Studio 8.1.1 or above to import the library from JSON). You can examine the code in the library, if you’re interested to see how Serverless Client mode works, but to test it more fully you will need to download and install the JavaScript Wrappers, and run the app in a simulator or compile the app to run on a real mobile device.

Download the example app:

Download the JavaScript Wrappers:


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