Omnis Studio is 20 years old in 2017

We are delighted to report that Omnis Studio is 20 years old in 2017! Back in May 1997 the very first version of Omnis Studio was launched. Following the phenomenal success in the early 1990s of Omnis 7, there was a period of redevelopment in the Omnis core and design environment, and in 1997 came the release of Omnis Studio.

Omnis Studio: in the Beginning…

Omnis Studio 1.0 had a brand new development interface with the now-familiar “Studio Browser” and “Component Store”. Also at that time, Omnis Studio included the “SQL Browser” for accessing all the leading server databases (Oracle, Sybase, etc), new wizards for quickly creating windows and reports, a new VCS, and a new external component API to allow third-party developers to add their own components. Many object-oriented features were added including class and object inheritance, class instantiation, construct/destruct methods, and a new events mechanism. This laid the foundation for many of the advances in the intervening years.

Since 1997, Omnis Studio has been through many revisions with innovations being added to cater to changes in application development trends. In version 2 we added the Web Client plug-in that allowed applications to be run in a web browser (one of the first “web thin clients”), and we ported Omnis to Linux, adding it to the Windows and Mac support. In versions 3 and 4 we added multi-threading, several new object DAMs for connecting to server databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, and JDBC), and support for Web Services and .Net objects.

Then in 2012, in Omnis Studio 5.2, the JavaScript Client was added, which allows applications to be run in a web browser without a plug-in, on any platform and on virtually any device including desktops, tablets and mobiles. Since then we have added Applications Wrappers for iOS and Android devices, REST based Web Services support, as well as 64-bit & Cocoa support on Mac OS.

Omnis Studio: Where next?

With the upcoming Omnis Studio 8.1 we hope to add the ability to export a library in JSON format, to support Omnis projects on GIT or SVN, as well as Responsive Remote forms which can resize for more or less any device. Over the past 20 years Omnis Studio has seen many innovations and we look forward to an equally robust and innovative future.

For more info about the history of Omnis, check out our Wikipedia page:

Help us Celebrate!

We are planning a small 20th Birthday celebration at the upcoming Omnis Developer Conference at the City Hotel, Bad Vilbel near Frankfurt in Germany – Wednesday, 31st May and Thursday, 1st June. More details about the conference here:


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