• Hi everyone,
    I’m working with JsRemote form under Omnis 8.1 and I’m having a really hard time with an update…

    I’m using an SqlLite database and my main form is made of a tab component. First tab is a smartlist, second tab is a row.

    Both are linked with the PK/FK, I can insert both in the database, and I can update the second tab (therefore the r…[Read more]

  • Hi again,

    small update, I’ve changed my NavBar to a MenuList so I can handle the destruct of the SFS. But when I execute the $RemoveSFS method, I get ” E101697: Notation not supported “. I’ve tried your code, I’ve tried the
    Do $cinst.$clientcommand(“subformset_remove”,lSetRow).
    If anyone has any idea on what I am doing wrong…
    Thanks e…[Read more]

  • Hi Paul,

    Thanks for your answer. The thing is, I’m using the subform as a kind of CRUD so I can’t use a “done” button. I only have the “back” button in the NavBar, which is implemented in the very first form so I’m not sure on how/where to handle the destruct of the SFS.

  • Hi everyone,

    I’m using a JsSubformSetPanels (running under Omnis 8).
    The last line of the openSubForms method is :

    Do lSetRow.$define(lSetName,lParent,lFlags,lOrderVar,lFormList)
    Do lSetRow.$assigncols(‘SubformSet’,”,kSFSflagSingleOpen+kSFSflagMinButton+kSFSflagAutoLayout+kSFSflagParentWidth,’iOpenForms’,lFormList)
    Do…[Read more]

  • Hi Klaus,
    I had tried the task type variable but it didn’t work (I don’t how I failed that…). But your solution went great.

    Thank you very much once again Klaus,


  • Bonjour à tous,

    Je travaille sous Omnis 8.
    J’ai une iVar dans un JsForm et j’ai besoin de récupérer la valeur de cette variable depuis un autre JsForm. J’ai essayé plusieurs solutions (qui ne fonctionnent pas) mais je pense que je passe à côté de quelque chose… Une idée?


  • Hi everyone,

    I’m using Omnis 8 and Js Forms.
    I have an iVar in the first form and I need its value in the second form. How can I change the scope of my var so that I can access it?


  • Hi everyone,

    I’m using Omnis 8 and a DataGrid within a Js Remote form.

    I’m having a bit of an issue to fetch back the last inserted Id.

    Do iSqlRow.$insert() Returns lReturnFlag
    If lReturnFlag
    Calculate iOldRow as iSqlRow
    End If

    Do iChildList.$dowork() Returns lFlag
    If not(lFlag)
    Do method showLastError (lStatRef)
    OK message OK…[Read more]

  • Hi everyone,

    I did it with the JsClient, just the way Klaus explained, and it works perfectly.
    In case someone needs it:

    -Change the $userdefined property to kTrue
    -Change the $columnType property to kJSDataGridModeDropList
    -For each column of the data grid, set the $columndatacol property to the number corresponding to your datalist’s…[Read more]

  • Hi again,
    Never mind the question, I did it 🙂 !
    For those who would end up on this thread, searching for a solution, I managed to do it, doing this:
    Do $cinst.$objs.EnterableGrid.$selectedlinetextcolor.$assign(rgb(255;0;0))

  • Hi Klaus,
    Thank you for the reply. I’m deeply sorry for forgetting to say that I am actually using a Js Remote Form but I’m hoping it doesn’t change much what you (very well as a matter of fact) explained…


  • Hi everyone,

    I would like to add a droplist inside of an enterable data grid. Is there any way to achieve this?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hi everyone,

    I’m using an Enterable Grid and I need to add some securities regarding entries.
    What I’m trying to achieve is that if one entry doesn’t match what was expected, then the cell turns to red (either background or text).
    I’ve tried several things such as:
    Calculate MyList.MyCol as style(kEscColor;kRed)
    Do…[Read more]

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