• The command

    Do $ runapplescript (lcScript, lcRet) Returns lnErr

    launches the AppleScript which is stored in the “lcScript” variable
    and the result is stored in the “lcRet” variable.

    The “lcRet” variable is an array of strings.

    With Omnis 8.x the variable “lcRet” is no longer populated and returns
    all “null” values.
    The same script launched…
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  • Moving from Omnis 5 to Omnis 8 I noticed that several commands have been deprecated.
    For example, all those concerning Apple Events.
    Such as:

    Enable receiving of Apple Events
    Set event recipient
    Use event recipient
    Send core event

    I think they should not affect the operation of the program.
    Can anyone confirm this ?

  • Gianni replied to the topic Register and Call DLL in the forum Omnis General Coding 1 month ago

    Hi Scott, I confirm your suspicions.
    With Omnis Studio 8.1.7 the commands “Register e Call DLL”
    were gone while with Omnis Studio the commands
    are back again!!!

    Best rgds.


    I always refer to the Macintosh platform only.

  • Gianni replied to the topic Register and Call DLL in the forum Omnis General Coding 1 month ago

    If you look at the Omnis 5.x Help and look for the “Register DLL” command in the upper right part it says “All Platforms” if you look in the Omnis 8.x Help it says only “Windows and Linux “.
    In any case, if I try to type the command in the code, I will insert the letter R and the letter E, but the letter G cannot write it.
    Do you have a Macintosh…[Read more]

  • Dear Scott,
    I refer to Mac OS X.
    Until the Omnis Studio 5.x.x version I used to
    these instructions but passing to the version
    Omnis Studio 8.x.x are no longer supported.
    This is demonstrated by the fact that my old code
    (Omnis Studio 5) was

    Calculate icPathDylib as ‘/usr/local/lib/tsidclnt.dylib’
    Register DLL (icPathDylib, ‘tsidCheckService’,…
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  • Hi All,
    on Omnis Studio 5.x with Mac OS X I used the instructions “Register DLL and Call DLL” but passing to Omnis 8.x I saw that these instructions is no longer supported. Is there an alternative?
    Thanks in advance!


  • Ciao a tutt*,
    stavo provando il comando Register DLL con Omnis Studio 8.1.7 su Windows 10
    con una DLL da sempre usata ma non mi funziona.
    Pensavo fosse un problema della 8.1.7 ma provando anche con la vecchia
    ho visto che nemmeno questa funziona.
    A questo punto penso sia un problema di Sistema Operativo.
    A qualcuno risulta questo…[Read more]

  • Gianni became a registered member 3 months, 2 weeks ago

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