• asmith posted an update in the group Group logo of RestRest 4 years, 3 months ago

    Did you know: in Omnis Studio 8.0.2 support for ISO8601 based date and date-time values was added to REST-based Web Services; in addition, the CORS settings are now stored in a separate config file CORS.json rather than the main Omnis config.

    • Question: why is the CORS.JSON not created automatically during installation of Studio?

      • Greg – the default is to not have CORS setup, so no file is on place, but I guess we could create the file template and place it in a sub-folder of the ‘studio’ folder, which would then require you to move it to the Studio folder to enable CORS. I will enter an Enhancement Request to this effect.

        • This would be a good for developer I think. Currently the note about the CORS.JSON is buried in the manual and one has to copy/paste the content from PDF to create the file, this leads to formatting problems that cause the file not take any affect.

          • Greg – added an ER as ST/WS/284 – I’ve suggested that we create a sub-folder in the ‘studio’ folder called ‘config’ and place a template CORS.JSON file in there – you would then need to move it into Studio to enable CORS.

            • That is very nice. Now, can we call this new subfolder “config_template” instead?
              This would be more intuitive as the name says clearly what the purpose of this subfolder is.

  • Lou Picciano posted an update in the group Group logo of RestRest 4 years, 3 months ago

    The new RESTful features in Omnis will open up a world of possibilities…

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