• We don’t have any problems. Our Omnis desktop connects to local postgres.

    We use Postgres 9.5, moving to postgres 12.
    Omnis Studio v6 and v10.1

    use Host: localhost (or
    database name, user name and user password, and you should be good to go. Test logon using pgAdmin or similar.

  • I removed the statement “extension”: false; from the library.json file and Omnis Studio v10.1 built a new library. With that I was able to replicate the behavior you describe. Interesting, in the wrong way. 🙂

    I cannot think of a workaround at the moment, but I will consider this further in the days ahead.

  • I ran the json import but it failed on an error at line 0 of library.json.

    Double clicking on the error list open the Find and Replace dialog to search for “T_report_parameters”. That is, I think, simply what is in the search buffer from another project. So I don’t know why the build fails.

  • I could not replicate your results, as I understand them. However, I did spend some time on the theory that you are seeing the results of a namespace collision. That is two or more instances with the same name. In my quick & dirty testing, I could not rename the window toolbar, nor the button object it contains. I was able to change the name of…[Read more]

  • To follow up, the xcomp directory in the application tree, not in the app data directory created by firstrun. So, you will need a method to assert proper permission to add to the xcomp directory. FWIW, it can be done; we do it although keeping up with new rules from Apple is a challenge. If you support windows only, you may enjoy an easier time with it.

  • I don’t use AutoUpdater. I wrote a similar tool, Molu Update Server, circa 2007 that handles all update tasks except replacing the Omnis engine itself. Omnis Studio 10 has an option of running a script at launch, which promises to ease the update process.

    The challenge of writing to the xcomps directory is the access permissions enforced by the o…[Read more]

  • we use this in Omnis Studio v6.0. “homedirectorypath” is a character variable.

    For Mac,

    ; user home path
    Do $runapplescript(‘path to home folder from user domain as string’,homedirectorypath) Returns errcode`
    Calculate homedirectorypath as replaceall(homedirectorypath,kDq,”)

    For Windows:

    If isunicode()
    Register DLL…[Read more]

  • Thanks to everyone who replied here and privately. I have identified a project for testing the new DML/SQL bridge in Omnis Studio 10. As we progress I will try to share what we learn here.

  • I know this is an overworked topic. I have a small project I would like to move forward that requires the DML to be moved to SQL. I know several people are working on this, but I don’t seem to have current contact info. If you know someone with a conversion tool in working order please ask them to contact me.

  • Mark Phillips replied to the topic Omnis host in the forum Omnis forum 3 years, 11 months ago

    I recently began offering managed servers. Each server is a VM running in secure facility (two physical locations, bridged) in the eastern US. Presently, we have a template for a specific product that enables us to spin up a new server in a matter of moments. This approach would work for Omnis apps as well. If you do not find someone already…[Read more]

  • Many years ago I took the approach of using Table classes for db table manipulations. This allowed me to use the built-in methods to generate most SQL statements and to use Omnis list and row variables to bind data to the UX classes. To handle complex relationships between tables, and to provide a place for hand crafted SQL statements, I use…[Read more]

  • Mark Phillips became a registered member 3 years, 11 months ago

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