• Rod Cooper replied to the topic JS Signature in the forum Externals 2 years, 10 months ago


    Pleased to hear you now have jsSignature working…

    Instead of downloading the jpg file, maybe you could print a report to pdf which contains text together with a picture field containing the signature. Take a look at the JS PDF Device sample in the Omnis Studio HUB for hints on printing to pdf.

  • Rod Cooper replied to the topic JS Signature in the forum Externals 2 years, 10 months ago

    Hi Mimmo,

    The error ‘ctrl_net_omnis_signature is not defined’ implies that this file has not loaded.

    I have just downloaded 8.1.3 on MacOS and followed the instructions on GitHub to add jsSignature without issue.

    I can reproduce this error if ‘ctrl_net_omnis_signature.js’ does not exist in my /html/scripts folder or if the appropriate line has…[Read more]

  • Hi Jacques,

    We have reproduced your problem here at Omnis and have raised fault ST/MC/242 for investigation.

    It appears to only occur when the menu is on a window class and not when installed on the main Omnis menu bar.


  • I must admit to having a preference for object classes. Table classes can feel a bit like a black box at times and guess I just like to have total control, I also like having one class to look after many tables with nicely formatted sql structured with Begin Statement, Sta, End Statement blocks clearly showing any joins.

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