• I’m not certain about Omnis 5, but when we were using Omnis we had to build our own external in order to send TLSv1.2 https calls. It’s likely that Omnis 5 is similar from the look of it can only use TLS v1.0 without the use of an external.

  • Thanks Paul, it’s an interesting substitute. Not sure why they strayed from the traditional try/catch, but I am happy to have something that will do the trick. I gave it a try and it does seems to work. Hopefully it holds up in the wild. Much appreciate it!

  • Scott started the topic try catch block in the forum Omnis General Coding 1 week ago

    Hey everyone, I was curious if anyone has found a substitute for try catch block in Omnis? I’ve tried a few things, but I really don’t see anything that could server the same purpose. Currently we are using Omnis 10.1.

  • Appreciate all that info Paul, unfortunately the copying from the firstruninstall folder to the AppData with no notification is a bit of a sticking point. We’ve always tried to make it easy for almost any user to install our application. Many times people will install without the help of an IT professional, even with one the process is pretty…[Read more]

  • Thanks Paul, I appreciate you explaining your process, so every windows users on a the workstation your omnis app copies the entire contents of AppData/Local from the server?
    May I also ask which version of $O you are using?

  • Hi Paul,
    That’s great I’m interested to hear more about how you implement this server that from what I understand copies files to other user profiles. Our case is a bit different. We allow our clients to download our application install it on their workstation this workstation connects to our cloud servers “database servers”. So we don’t install…[Read more]

  • Hi Everyone, I hope you are all well and safe.

    We’ve been working with the 64-bit Windows Runtime for Omnis 10.1. We found you can place files/folders under Program FilesApp Namefirstruninstall the files will be copied to ..AppDataLocalCompanyApp if no files are present. However, while the files are being copied there is no indication that…[Read more]

  • Remember returning 0 means the file did not write. It will return true if sorry i should have wrote that better in my code it’s not lError should be lOK to be more clear.

    First we wabt to make sure the lritorno variable is in fact a string since you are using writecharacter instead of $writeentirefile.
    If that is the case break it before
    Do…[Read more]

  • I believe you have to do something like this to write the file (create, open, write, close).

    Do lFileOps.$createfile(lDir_1)
    Do lFileOps.$openfile(lDir_1,kFalse)
    Do FileOps.$writeentirefile(lDir_1,xtextbin) Returns lError
    Do lFileOps.$closefile()

    For binary files I believe you can do writing in one step using the WriteBinFile…[Read more]

  • Hey,
    If you don’t need the remote debug at all you can simply delete the remotedebug.lbs file. If you do need it, then add a line of code in the startup either “Remove menu” and whatever that menu is called or “Remove all menus” before you add any menus should work as well.


  • Sorry missed this interesting tutorial, however I don’t speak Italian. Do you have one in English?

  • Yea it would be a good feature thanks for the reply.

  • I checked the documentation and it looks like the syntax has changed slightly.
    I ran this code in omnis 10 with not issues.

    Begin text block
    Text:tell application “Finder”(Carriage return)
    Text:display dialog “Hello World”(Carriage return)
    Text:end tell(Carriage return)
    End text block
    Get text block lScript
    Do $root.$runapplescript(lScript,lRet,lErr)

  • It really depends on what you are using these commands for example if need to receive apple events then you should test to make sure it working. For example if you use an apple script to open or quit omnis you should test this script in omnis 8 to make sure it’s still working. I believe all of these commands have to do with apple scripting so it’s…[Read more]

  • I’ve been testing out Omnis 10 in Mac OS Catalina, but when launching the app I get a strange message. saying the application “would like to receive keystrokes from any application.” “Grant access to this application in Security & Privacy preferences, located in System Preferences”.

    Has anyone else encountered this message with their…[Read more]

  • Scott replied to the topic Register and Call DLL in the forum Omnis General Coding 1 year ago

    Sorry for the delay, for some reason I wasn’t getting notified on this thread. Yes I can type on Mac in omnis 10.
    The plaform says windows because there are no DLLs on Mac, but you should be able to still type it. It would be odd if they took it out of Omnis 8 and put it back in Omnis 10.

  • Scott replied to the topic Register and Call DLL in the forum Omnis General Coding 1 year ago

    That is strange maybe, it was left out of Omnis 8. Like I said we are going from Omnis to Omnis 10 and we have those commands all over the place and they all seem to work. It’s even in the help documentation in the app. What happens when you try to type in the commands? Do they come up?

    It’s still in the documentation online so it’s still…[Read more]

  • Scott replied to the topic Register and Call DLL in the forum Omnis General Coding 1 year ago

    Hey Gianni,

    It seems that it is still supported. Where are you seeing that it is not supported? The commands are still implemented in Omnis 10. I also still see this technote on the website.

    We are currently migrating to omnis 10 and use this command in many places so hopefully it still works…[Read more]

  • Hi,
    We’re looking into upgrading to Omnis 10 from Omnis 4.3.x. I’m trying to port our application runtime to the $O 10 runtime, but I am running into issues when I try to change the plist and binary name. Is there a setup guide for the runtime and how to configure it? I couldn’t find anything in the doc section.

  • I’m curious if there is a way to make clickable links on report classes to run events.
    For example if I click on a number on a report and it runs an event onClick().
    Does Omnis have this capability?
    I’m currently in Omnis, but I’d still like to know if it’s possible in a more current version if it’s not possible in 4.

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